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I am a New England native, born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, whose love of writing sparked during my adolescence which was mostly spent indoors.  As a latch-key kid raised in a single-parent home, journaling became a means of escape when I couldn't go outdoors. This eventually morphed into crafting short-stories that were shared with friends, poetry pieces and playwriting.

I never imagined how limited access to time outdoors during that period of my life would open a window to an active imagination and colorful style of storytelling. 

Yvette Danielle
The Ex Chronicles
Pursue.Conquer.Destroy by Yvette Danielle
Pursue.Conquer.Destroy by Yvette Danielle
book gallery2_edited
All I Want For Christmas Book Cover - Final
All I Want 4 Christmas
Harriet Tubman Quote
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